General Information
We accept MasterCard or VISA as a payment by credit card. 2C2P As we ship your item(s) out from our warehouse. Customer is not allowed to split their payment to any other payment method or the same. The payment will be made in lump sum.
Your credit card information will be recorded at 2C2P under secured encryped database.
Handling of your credit card information
In conducting the e-commerce service, the purpose of acquisition and the name of providing destination for credit card information such as credit card name, credit card number, expiration period are as below.

Prupose of Use: To settle the transaction the customer ordered.
The Providing Destination: 2C2P (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

he credit card information is strictly managed and will not be used for any other settlements of order without prior notice to customers and without cusomer's permission. Your credit card information are not able to browse in full digit even by Webike operator.
The data from the order form will be encrypted by SSL, so that your credit card number will be sent securely without a risk of abuse or tampering.
Please see our privacy policy for more detail.
We adopt 3D authentication in addition to authentication by security code when you purchase with your credit card, so that you can be more confident in using our shop.
Security Code
We adopt the authentication by security code when you purchase with your credit card, so that you are able to shop safely. The security code is 3 or 4-digit number on the back of your credit card. That is printed separately from the credit card number.

3D Secure
3D Secure is an authentication scheme recommended by VISA and Master Card for the purpose of preventing unauthorized use (spoofing) of a credit card by a third party trying to settle transaction with your credit card. An authentication will be done by entering 3D secure ID and password in addition to the credit card number, expiration date, security code.

Credit Card Authorization Flow
Without 3D Secure With 3D Secure

We STRONGLY recommend you to register your 3D secure ID and password. 3D Secure can be registered at each credit card company's website. Customers who have not registered for 3D secure can still be able to purchase on a credit card by it's card number, expiration date and security code.
You may come against an error when you proceed to purchase your items. This occurs when your credit card can not be used or account's balance is short.
Please check your account and place an order again.